Apple Airpods Release Date; Technical Problems Causing Delay?

Dec 10, 2016 08:48 AM EST | Joanne Zamora

When Apple announced the launching of the earphone jack-less iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus in September, it also launched the Apple AirPods, a wireless set of earphones that connects with iPhones via Bluetooth. It now seems, however, that Apple Airpods will not be ready for the holiday season despite the expectation for it to go on sale for $159 last October.

the Apple AirPods were supposed to be a wireless option to replace the conventional Apple EarPods that require a headphone jack. However, iPhone 7 and 7 plus customers can still use their Apple EarPods with 3.5-mm plug with the dongle that comes with the said iPhones that connects to Apple's lightning port. In addition, these new-generation iPhones already have Apple EarPods with a lightning plug in the box.

The original plan was to be able to ship Apple AirPods in October, but Apple delayed the release for unknown reasons. According to Fortune, a spokesperson told news site CNET in October that Apple needed "a little more time" to prepare the AirPods for shipping without further comments.

Business Insider said, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, that the major issue with the Apple AirPods is technical. It added that Apple is struggling to ensure that both AirPods' reception of Bluetooth signal is simultaneous, which would help to avoid sudden connection dropouts.

If the Silicon Valley giant is having difficulty keeping the Apple AirPods' signal connection stable, it is not a surprise, as most other wireless earphones existing in the market today also suffer the same connectivity problems. According to The Journal's report, Apple said that each AirPod earpiece can receive an independent signal, meaning, it can work with any phone.

It is still not clear when exactly Apple will release the AirPods as it currently lists the item as "coming soon" on its website. Fans can only be assured of its availability once Apple makes an official statement regarding its release.

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