2017 Toyota Corolla To Take Toyota Prius Prime Route, Expect Soon To Arrive Long Range EVs

Dec 08, 2016 05:20 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

The 2017 Toyota Corolla is said to take the Toyota Prius Prime route as Toyota announced the expansion of their China factory to cater to hybrid and electric Corolla's with long range EVs. Expect the 2017 Toyota Corolla to be as popular - or even more - as the hybrid Prius Prime.

While the 2017 Toyota Corolla will receive style changes and will arrive sooner, the more important news is that the next generation model, scheduled for 2020 will be long range hybrids as it will follow the route of the Toyota Prius Prime.

The Toyota Prius Prime, which anticipates much of the future features of the 2017 Toyota Corolla hybrids, has just been launched in the US with ambitious sales expectations by Toyota. The model is now one of the most affordable hybrid in the country with a long range and this is why it is getting a lot of attention. The new Corolla will have the same mechanical basis as the Prius - but with a more conservative style

The new-generation of the 2017 Toyota Corolla will use the global platform TNGA, the same as the Toyota Prius Prius and will also serve as a basis for the compact SUV C-HR. And if both the Prius and the C-HR will be offered with hybrid powertrain, nothing more logical than imagining the Corolla going down this route especially because Toyota plans to expand its EV factory in China according to InsideEVs

Toyota's internal sources also confirm that they would be expanding its R&D facility in China to not only handle internal battery evaluation and testing, it would also be used to test track for its soon to arrive 2017 Toyota Corolla EVs according to .DailySunKnoxville.

For now, we can just enjoy the updated 2017 Toyota Corolla until the hybrid comes. The front look is based on the hybrid version of the car already for sale in Asian market, with a set of grid and sharper headlights. The sides and back remain almost identical.

Inside the 2017 Toyota Corolla will also be renovated, with subtle changes in the shape of the air-conditioning outlets and a new touch screen that eliminates the physical buttons. The supply of equipment will include the long - awaited stability control, the lack of which remains the main source of criticism of the model in the country.

Even without the updated 2017 Toyota Corolla and its hybrid version, it is still beating main rival Honda Civic in the US market, which already had its tenth generation recently launched. It only proves that when the updates and the hybrid arrives, the 2017 Toyota Corolla fame will even rise higher.

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