'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Shiny Pokemon Are Here; Meet The Top 6 Shinies [VIDEO]

Dec 06, 2016 06:03 AM EST | Vinay Patel


While "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players continue to go berserk about capturing new Pokemon, they are spending most of their time trying to get their hands on the shiny variants of starter Pokemon i.e. Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio.

Shiny Pokemon are among the most coveted creatures players can catch in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nevertheless, capturing shiny Pokemon is not a walk in the park as they are quite rare. In fact, the odds of encountering shiny versions of the starters are as low as one out of 4,096. The odds also imply players are running around in the midst of glass blades just to catch these Pokemon, according to Counsel Heal

Here's a list of top 6 shinies in Pokemon Sun and Moon:


The shiny version of this avian Pokemon is quite alluring, with a brilliant design on its beak. The flamboyant colors of Toucanon's shiny version also give it the Alolan aspect. It is highly recommended for Pokemon Sun and Moon players who are looking for majestic shinies, iTech Post reported.


Komala does not sport a comprehensive variation from its original version; however, a shiny Komala is worth capturing due to its exquisite design that gives it an extremely cute appearance --- complete with a small pink log.


This is the shiny version of Sandygast in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It features an eye-catching, gothic design with its garish dark color.


The lively color scheme on the shiny version of this avian Pokemon never fails to grab the attention of Pokemon Sun and Moon players. Aside from being quite aggressive in battles, its shiny version is one more reason why players should capture this creature.

Tapu Fini

The shiny version of Tapu Fini gives it a dark color design, which Pokemon Sun and Moon players cannot easily miss. It is recommended for players looking for shiny hunting/breeding Pokemon.


This is one of the most eccentric shinies in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which does not undergo a radical cosmetic overhaul --- except for subtle changes to his whiskers/antennae.

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