8th 'Pokemon Go Nest Migration' Takes Place; See The New Nest Locations [VIDEO]

Dec 06, 2016 06:49 AM EST | Vinay Patel


Niantic Labs seems bent on luring back the millions who have side-tracked "Pokemon Go". In line with this, the studio rolled out a brand new nearby tracker, hosted events such as Halloween and Lapras events, and even released Ditto into the wild. One such change that recently occurred in Pokemon Go center on the 8th nest migration since the game's debut in July 2016.

The 8th Pokemon Go nest migration kicked off on Dec. 1, where ample groups of similar Pokemon species are now moved to new locations; for instance, players would ideally bump into a large number of Magikarp at the bay of their area. But following the latest Pokemon Go nest migration, the spawns by the bay has changed to Dratini. Some of the changes that the new "Pokemon Go" nest migration brought in are further detailed by the Silph Road subreddit --- here are some of them: Krabby has now occupied Abra's location. Shellder, on the other hand, occupied Bulbasaur's nesting area. Charmander's location has been replaced by the Kabuto. The Clefairy spawn area is now occupied by Rattata. 

Pokemon Go players will also bump into Jynx in Electabuzz's location, Jigglypull will oust Onix, Kabuto will replace Slowpoke, Magikarp will replace Geodude, and Mankey will either replace Machop or Rattata. Oddish spawn area are now replaced with Magnemite, Omanyte location is now spawn area for Pinsir, Psyduck location is replaced with Pikachu, Scyther to Geodude, and Sandshrew's spawn area is replaced with Staryu.

The spawn location for starter Pokemon Squirtle will now be inhibited by Geodude, while Staryu's location will be replaced with Kabuto as a result of the latest Pokemon Go nest migration. Players should bear in mind that Pokemon Go nest migrations are not methodical. In other words, while Squirtle's nest changes to Charmander in Singapore, that is not necessarily the case in Canada, Pokemon Go Pocket reported.

Pokemon Go nest migration is rumored to change once every 22 to 24 days. These speculations stem from the fact that the 7th migration was reported on Nov. 16 this year.

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