'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 69 Recap; 'DBS' Episode 70 Preview Released [VIDEO]

Dec 05, 2016 09:13 AM EST | Vinay Patel


Aside from highlighting the lighter side of the hit Japanese anime series, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 centered on the remarkable "Dr. Slump" and Dragon Ball Super crossover --- where Arale and Goku squared off against each other. The episode also featured the return of Arale-chan and the notorious Mashirito.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Recap

Dragon Ball Super episode 69 starts with a delighted Arale greeting everyone in Penguin Village. She finds out that Senbei is on his way to West City to attend the World Invention Awards. Arale says she wants to come along, but Senbei is not too keen on taking her with him. The event celebrates some of the best inventors in the world with Mr. Satan hosting it, according to a Facebook post by Gojiitaaf.

Interestingly, both Bulma and Vegeta are in West City, waiting for the event to commence. Meanwhile, Goku is employed here as a part-time security guard, but he eventually gets bored and leaves. Mr. Satan announces Penguin Village's Senbei Norimaki as the winner for his invention called the Reality Machine Mach. 2. Moving forward, Dragon Ball Super episode 69 features Senbei's speech where he reveals that he has been mocked as Dr. Slump, News Everyday reported.

Using the machine, Mr. Satan makes Mr. Satan merchandise. Meanwhile, Mashirito's high-pitched shout is heard as he expresses his disapproval of Senbei's win. Mashirito has given Arale and the Gatchans a medicine that enables them to play many more times. Dragon Ball Super episode 69 shows that Mr. Satan is ready to play with Arale; however, it actually turns out to be a huge mistake.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Spoilers

Episode 70 will not be too different from Dragon Ball Super episode 69. The impending episode will revolve around a baseball match with the folks from Universe 6. The preview trailer for episode 70 (shown below) hints at Yamcha playing an important role, which will be talked about in a commentary track with Furuya, who lends his voice for Yamcha, Nozawa, and Morita, who voices Whis.

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