Apple Maps To Take On Google Maps; Employs Drones to Collect Data

Dec 03, 2016 09:56 AM EST | Jess E.


When it comes to location mapping, it is undeniably true that Google Maps holds the crown. However, tech giant Apple is ready to bring some competition by using drones improve Apple Maps. 

Apple, Inc. is banking on drones to drastically elevate the status of Apple Maps that is currently, still, behind Google Maps when it comes to content. However, Apple is not a company who wanted to remain second. It has instigated initiatives to make its maps even better than it is today. The company is also reportedly working with a team of experts to fly drones in gathering street data needed to improve its maps. The first step in doing this is gaining approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to employ drones.

The drones will be used to capture images, videos, and other traffic information to further enhance Apple Maps, according to Fortune. Bloomberg seems to have an inside intelligence about Apple's plan to upgrade its mapping app from using minivans to a fleet of highly advanced robotic drones. The data collected will be reverted back to the company's headquarters and will then reflect on the map service for iOS users, Bloomberg reported.

Aside from an improved Apple Maps, there will also be new features to be presented such as building views from the inside and car navigation systems, according to the same report. Other sources allegedly asked to be protected, thus Bloomberg did not disclose who the sources were for this information. Apple Maps was just launched in 2012, so it is understandable why it is still currently behind Google Maps when it comes to content and information. But with the potential amount of information that flying drones might provide, it wouldn't be a surprise if Apple's system will be able to keep up with that of Google's in no time.

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