What Makes The 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive An Urban Warrior? Find Out Here [VIDEO]

Dec 02, 2016 06:03 AM EST | Vinay Patel


While dealing with complicated problems like congestion and city center pollution is not a simple matter by any stretch of the imagination, Smart believes it has the answer - say hello to the 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.

The shortest electric car up for grabs in the United States retail showrooms, the 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive retains its peppy presence, but is still an urban warrior. However, many drivers find it incapable of performing some functions ideally attributed to a primary car.

The compact 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive offers quicker charging, more range as compared to the outgoing model, and a better overall package. GreenCarReports recently joined Smart for a drive with the new-generation Electric Drive convertible and coupe in and around Miami.

Although the battery capacity remains the same as the previous electric Smart i.e. at 17.6kWh, a 7.2kW charging system refills it to 80 percent in two and a half hours. Those who go for the optional 22kW wallbox will be able to recharge it in just 45 minutes, according to a report from ChronicleLive.

Despite its tiny design, the 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is quite comfortable to use just like any other Smart ForTwo -- just press and go. Moreover, those expecting a sluggish performance from the pint-sized vehicle are in for a big surprise as it can reach 0 to 31mph in just 4.9sec. Aside from that, it is a lot easier to dish out now than before.

While driving the 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, the user can simply lift off the accelerator and allow the regeneration function to act as a gentle brake. This will certainly come in handy when stuck in city traffic.

It's quite smart when it comes to energy regeneration as well. A radar finetunes the strength of regeneration, based on the traffic it monitors. This means, the braking effect depend on the traffic density when a driver lifts off the accelerator.

The 2017 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive packs an array of other city center bonuses, including the ability to park almost anywhere and a tiny turning circle. Nevertheless, it's fun to drive in and around town as well.

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