Apple Virtual Assistant Siri Now a Celebrity; Gets To Promote 'The Secret Life of Pets' iTunes Release [VIDEO]

Dec 03, 2016 09:23 AM EST | Jess E.


Siri may just be a virtual assistant's voice meant to assist Apple iPhone users, but it is created to maximize their gadgets; and due to popular demand, Siri is now getting more exposure. In fact, Siri is now a celebrity as it performs its first movie promotional stint.

Siri does not budge from its high chair, even if other systems like Alexa are already out in the market today. Siri is nowhere from being old and boring because as of today, it has already bagged a movie promotional exposure. Apple's virtual assistant was tapped to promote 'The Secret Life of Pets' digital release on iTunes, which is monumental for both Apple and Siri; this is Siri's first project outside the iOS domain.

As a result of the partnership between the movie producers of 'The Secret Life of Pets', Siri is now exposed to a wider audience. The move is also Apple's attempt to keep Siri in tune with current trends and pop culture. Now, the question is: how did this partnership go? Simple, Apple created 15 responses for Siri.


This is the first time Apple collaborated with a moviemaker to promote a film. When asked, "What do my Pets do when I'm not at home?" Siri will open a fictional "pet cam" and will play an adorable clip from the movie, according to 9 to 5 Mac. There are 15 customized answers, all of which are designed to promote the digital movie release on iTunes.

However, there are only a couple of responses available. Engadget, for one, also tried asking Siri the same question and was greeted with different answers. "I don't know, but the dog just asked me for a walking route to the nearest park," and another one that says, "I don't know, but the cat just asked me about the five-day forecast for the living room sunny spot."

And it seems like the digital promotional act is working. Aside from Siri's witty and adorable responses, Apple also released a video teaser about Siri's first movie promotional stint.

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