Queen Elizabeth Ignored Kate Middleton; Prince William and Kate Divorce On The Horizon?

Dec 02, 2016 02:07 PM EST | Jess E.


Trouble in the royal household? Reports claiming that the Queen ignored the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are surfacing online. The marriage of Will and Kate is also rumored to be on the rocks and might face a divorce soon. Could all these be true?

Reports say that this is not the first time Kate was ignored by the Queen in a royal event. During the Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey last Nov. 24, the Queen and Prince Philip allegedly ignored the Duchess of Cambridge and brought Sophie Wessex to the event instead. 

The Queen apparently chose Sophie Wessex instead of Kate to accompany her to the said event, according to a report. The event is to remember the Duke of Edinburgh Award, founded by Prince Philip himself. This means, an event as special as this one could have been a good venue for the Queen and the Duchess, but her Royal Highness chose not to include Kate in the lineup.

Despite the rumors, the public remains clueless as to why the Queen chose Sophie Wessex instead of Kate. The real reason behind the alleged ignoring incident hasn't been confirmed yet.

Some keen observers can't help but compare Kate and Sophie. Sophie was once training for an event, while Kate was seen in a luxurious vacation in France. This is where the competition between the two sparked. However, no one can tell for sure if there is indeed a royal rivalry happening between the two.

Kate Middleton's absence during the event also sparked rumors that Prince William and Kate might be looking at a divorce, according to a report. Others even say that the Queen is dissatisfied with Kate's royal duties and charity works.

But then again, Kate could have been very tired from another event that took place the night before the ceremony. A royal insider might need to spill the truth in order for the public to be fully informed; otherwise, everyone would just rely on rumors as to who's ignoring who and if a Will and Kate divorce is indeed on the horizon.

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