'Final Fantasy XV' Has A Secret Dungeon; Here's How To Transform Your Regalia To Type F [VIDEO]

Dec 01, 2016 12:04 PM EST | Vinay Patel


The long-awaited action role-playing video game, "Final Fantasy XV", has been released worldwide and it warrants to be a "Final Fantasy" for both fans and first-timers alike. Featuring an open-world environment, Final Fantasy XV hides bevies of secrets, including a never-before-seen dungeon that players can only visit after finishing the game; but fret not, Kotaku recently shed more light on its location and explained its basic concept.

As soon as a player completes "Final Fantasy XV", the player will be led to a simple quest in order to upgrade his/her car to the Regalia Type-F --- a.k.a. an airship. But while soaring around the world is a lot of fun, it's also quite gimmicky.

Although the player can opt to land on roads, it is important to bear in mind that the landing mechanism isn't quite cutting edge; in other words, it is more comfortable to continue driving with the exception of when the player wants to wind up at a hidden secret: a dungeon, which is concealed in the corner of Final Fantasy XV's map that's much like puzzles and platforming.

After finishing Final Fantasy XV, the player is eligible for more contents such as sidequests and transforming Regalia into Type F, AustraliaNetworkNews reported.

Here's How To Transform Regalia Into Type F

Going back into the game, the player must take the Formouth Garrison sidequest as soon as the main story is finished. Players must bear in mind that the quest's minimum requirement in terms of level is 46, which takes at least an hour to complete. The player will get a "strange engine" later, which is the third part required to convert their Regalia. The players earn the first two parts as a reward for completing chapters 5 and 6.

Now, the player can visit Hammerhead and hand over all the three parts to Cindy. Once the players give the parts, all he/she now needs to do is select "Change to Regalia Type F" and they will have the airship --- ready to delve into the secret dungeon.

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