'No Man's Sky' Update Reveals Hidden All-Terrain Vehicle [VIDEO]

Nov 30, 2016 08:40 AM EST | Rowland Eturma


"No Man's Sky" developer Hello Games has hinted that last weekend's massive 1.1 Foundation Update patch was just the start of more things to come and one player may have unexpectedly stumbled on something hidden within the game.

It seems the "No Man's Sky's" update isn't just relegated to visuals and bug fixes. Reddit user eegandj may have stumbled upon textures and a model for what appears to be a buggy. He has released a video for what the schematics of the buggy may look like, according to Gamespot.

When the foundation update began to be available on PlayStation 4 and PC last Sunday, players began to search the files to see what was included inside the "No Man's Sky" update. Eegandj found a folder labeled "BUGGY". At first, he only found textures for tire tracks, which hinted of the possibility that there may be an all-terrain land vehicle. He then found a clear depiction of a ground vehicle on the same folder. Later on, he discovered an actual, partial 3D model matching the buggy which he then imported into the full game, as reported by Polygon.

The introduction of a land-based vehicle in "No Man's Sky" would enable players to go around the game's vast planet terrains. Tasks such as gathering resources and exploring around would be easier than walking or flying to any point. As yet, there may still be a lot of things hidden within the game that would add to the fun of exploring the game's massive update's contents.

The Sky Foundation update patch came in the heels of fan complaints that the visuals weren't good enough and there were glaring errors within the gameplay. Base and structure building, game modes, visuals and audio have been improved in the large-scale update. Hello Games has promised even more updates for players to enjoy the game in a variety of ways.

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