'Attack on Titan' Chapter 88: Annie Leonhart Sides With The Survey Corps?

Nov 30, 2016 08:43 AM EST | April Rhose Binos


Being one of the highest grossing manga in Japan, another chapter is yet to come for "Attack on Titan." Annie Leonhart is expected to reveal more shocking pieces on chapter 88. With Annie's Titan prowess, the Warriors will be needing her on their side. Fans are hoping that in this chapter, Annie and Armin might realize their true feelings for each other.

From 2009 to 2016, "Attack on Titan" has been a compelling manga series and has 20 volumes of collection and which reached 60 million copies. Among the high skilled member for the list of characters in the manga is Annie Leonhart. She has a deep knowledge with hand-to-hand combat, which she learned from her father.

Yibada reported that Annie is described as a loner and quiet girl but in order to survive, she joined the Military Police. On the contrary, she can transform to a 14-meter Titan. Her skin has the ability to suppress hard pressure during fights and her body parts are regenerating. Her Titan form has visible muscle but with a feminine definition.

"Attack On Titan" soon will release Chapter 88 on December 9, which promised to be more enticing and will reveal more shocking views to the followers. Aside from the revelation about Kruger and Isayama, Vine Report says that  Annie Leonhart will make herself prove much more important in a possible come back in this chapter.

On the 57th expedition to Wall Maria, she crystallized herself to her after her defeat from Eren. On Chapter 88, fans are hoping that Annie will be the key to uncover the secrets on how the Warriors work. The Warriors, Braun and Zeke is in no doubt that they will be needing Annie's titanepo power, especially now that the Colossal Titans is on the hands of the Survey Corps.

On Chapter 88, Annie's come back may also reveal her true feelings with Armin who she gets along very well. During the 57th expedition, when she was in her Titan form and encounter Armin, she chose to spare him.

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