'The Division' Update 1.5 Is Finally Live On PS4, Big Game Changes Unveiled

Nov 30, 2016 08:20 AM EST | Matthew Cruz


PlayStation 4 gamers should check their consoles as soon as possible, because the developers of "The Division" announced via a tweet that the title's newest update is now live across the globe. The much-awaited Patch 1.5 was slightly delayed for PS4 by Ubisoft following maintenance problems, and has already been live on PC and Xbox One since last week, according to the International Business Times.

The following is the full list of exciting game changes: 

  • World Tier 5 bracket (224+ GS) has now been added 
    • Enemy NPCs are level 34
    • Maximum Gear Score increase to 256
    • Heroic Incursions are now limited to Tier 5
  • Named Gear items have been activated in the game. One piece can be used for each Gear Slot and they all include a unique Talent. Named Gear items are obtained in World Tier 5 or in Survival game mode only.
    • [Mask] Ferro's oxygen mask: Gamers can move and shoot despite being under burn status effect.
    • [Knee Pads] Shortbow championship pads: Grenades have a shoter fuse timer.
    • [Holster] Colonel Bliss' holster: Impressive fixes for sidearms.
    • [Gloves] Skulls MC gloves: Damage when no gear set bonuses are in play has been raised.
    • [Chestpiece] Barrett's bulletproof: Impressive bonuses when abilities are on cooldown.
    • [Backpack] NinjaBike messenger bag: Decreased DZ loot and DZ XP lost when dying in the Dark Zone.
  • Enemy Armor Damage is available in PVP: calculation of harm done in PvP doesn't take into account a percentage of the target's armor equivalent to one third of the shooter's Enemy Armor Damage.
  • Stagger now available in PvP: high-stagger weapons (Marksman rifles and shotguns primarily) will now force the target's aim to flinch.
  • Tactical Advance: This talent will gives now a maximum raise of 30% in damage.
  • The new stash size has been raised to 150 total items from 70.

Aside from these game changes, the patch also lays the groundwork for the Survival expansion that goes live on PS4 on Dec. 20. The mode, which promises The Division gamers with a more "hardcore" playing experience, has already come to PC and Xbox One. The full list of weapons, loot, rewards and other can be found on The Division website.

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