John Cleese Could Play A DC Character In 'Justice League' Or 'Wonder Woman'

Nov 30, 2016 08:05 AM EST | Rowland Eturma


Twitter has been abuzz with rumors that English actor John Cleese will be involved in the upcoming "Justice League" movie, whose filming is still wrapped in absolute secrecy. But then again, wild rumors and theories have always been flying about in the internet which turned out to be nothing.

However, if the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) wants to lay more groundwork for "Justice League" to be more successful, it could use the extremely talented actor to be one of the characters. Considering that much of the scenes are being shot in London, it's a fun speculation but there are possible characters John Cleese could play in on "Justice League", as reported by CinemaBlend.

John Cleese could play the role of Zatara. In the DCEU, Giovanni "John" Zatara is a magician and illusionist whose most prominent role is that of being a mentor of young Bruce Wayne after both of Bruce's parents were killed. Zatara was the one who taught Bruce Wayne the art of magic and illusion since he has genuine magical powers, being the descendant of Homo Magi. His daughter Zantanna, who also has magical powers, is known for her involvement with the "Justice League" and a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne.

Another character Cleese could play in would be that of Highfather. Highfather is an immortal being and ruler of the planet New Genesis. Considering that he has a longstanding bitter rivalry with Darkseid and Steppenwolf, Highfather could have a major role on the film since "Justice League" has to contend with the threat posed by Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips.

It's worth noting that "Wonder Woman" is also being filmed in London and John Cleese could have roles in both movies. Both "Justice League" and "Wonder Woman" are all part of the DCEU and characters tend to intersect on a couple of scenes. It would be fun to see Cleese cross over into one of any of the movies, according to Fansided.

"Wonder Woman" will be the first to hit theaters on the first week of June 2017 and will be followed a couple of months later by "Justice League" which will open on the third week of November also in 2017.

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