Felines Co-Star With Their Humans In Recreating Famous Movie Clips On Instagram

Nov 30, 2016 02:58 AM EST | Portia Mae M. Cansancio


Two 4-year-old Burmese cats named Tara and Willow from Nottingham, England swooped the internet by recreating iconic movie scenes on Instagram. Owner David and Sarah Chapman are the ones behind for the famous recreations.

You may have seen the movie, "E.T.", or Extra-Terrestrial before. Well, David and his cat recreated a scene wherein the creature lifted the bike riders up into the sky. Another is from the movie "Alien", where a creature busted out on Kane's chest. The duo also recreated a scene from "American Beauty", where Lester Burnham's dreamt of a woman with roses all over her body. The two also recreated a classic scene from "Ghost", where David is Patrick Swayze and his cat is Demi Moore. Of course, everybody will remember this scene from "The Shining" --- where actor Jack Nicholson became famous for; his character screamed "Here's Johnny!".

According to BuzzFeed News, the couple thought of recreating iconic movie scenes with their cats for a pub quiz that David organizes. They said it would be fun to use the pictures for the pub quiz's film and TV round. It turned out really great, so they made it on a regularly basis. 

After all the positive feedback from friends, they started an Instagram account for all of the recreations they have made. The account currently has 28,000 followers and is not stopping from there.

The couples' cats are fairly laidback; as long they get treats, everything goes into place. They also added that it takes fairly one to two hours for each shoot to finish.

Everything that happened were unexpected. It all went viral and people loved it. They got some new ideas for their recreations, but would likely reserve them for games at the bar. If you want to see more, you can visit their Instagram accounts, @moviecats and @casualmoviecats, for behind-the-scene photos.

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