Subliminal Messaging For Autonomous Cars

Nov 29, 2016 08:32 AM EST | Sharon Joymie Raynes


While driving your car on the road how safe are you, is there an assurance that your breaks are doing fine or not so good? For this one there are a lot of people who wants to have a great, safe, and time-saving world full of autonomous vehicles will be.

Some studies show that not all people are ready to give up their steering wheel and just have an automatic or self-driving cars. But then autonomous car are being pushed in the market with new vehicles including semi-autonomous features such as automatic brake and adaptive cruise control wherein the user cannot disable it. And then there is Tesla who practically pushing off the self-driving idea and allowing the customers to put their life and that of others in risk to help build awareness that technology is safe. But still a lot of drivers will not take the risk and give up their steering wheel. Information from Top Speed.

As a driver the main goal will always be the safety of one self and passengers. Think about a scenario where in they do not have the steering wheel how are they going to control the ride, if the direction is not programmed in the car then the scary part may occur. But still it will still be the drivers and owners of the cars who can decide.

Studies only shows the advantages and disadvantages of having this kind of thing. Safety first is the main goal and the thing people wants. Having this might have a benefit as well like a convenience by stating a command but still be careful, there might be things needed and a precautionary features required.

No one can decide on what people can do or what they can have. But then be very mindful of everyone's safety.

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