Infant Ejected From Car Crash Found Alive In A Drain, Scratch-Free: A Divine Intervention? [VIDEO]

Nov 29, 2016 09:11 PM EST | Jess E.


When a tough car and divine intervention collide, there will definitely be a survivor story to a seemingly fatal crash.

An infant was ejected from its seat during a fatal car crash in Arkansas. What's surprising is that the baby was later found in a drain, scratch-free. The storm drain is located about 25 feet away from the crash site. The baby was found alive in what appeared to be a divine intervention.

The accident occurred in Texarkana in Arkansas last Friday, Nov. 25 when an 18-wheeler truck sideswept a car, according to a report. The vehicle flipped over due to the impact, which ejected the 8-month old infant. Firefighters surveyed the area in search for the baby until they heard a sound that led to the storm drain. Even the rescuers were in awe when they found out that the infant is alive and well.

"The baby was sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out," firefighter Josh Moore said in an interview with CNN.

Experts surmised that the baby might have rolled down a hill after being ejected from the vehicle. "There had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being OK," Moore said in the same interview.

Despite the infant's scratch-free condition, rescuers still brought the 8-month-old in a hospital for checking. Fortunately, all passengers survived; but the driver remained at the hospital, regaining his strength back.

The rescuers look at the situation as a feel-good divine intervention during the festive season. The could-have-been fatal car crash turned into a story of awe when a helpless infant survived scratch-free.

However, investigations show that the infant who was ejected from the vehicle was not properly secured in the car seat when the accident occurred. But it is still not clear yet if charges will be filed against the child's guardians. As of now, the family is thankful that everyone survived the crash.

The truck driver, on the other hand, might face charges due to unlawful driving and lane change that almost killed lives.


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