BMW i3 Refresh With Revamped Front & Rear, Enhanced Range To Hit The Road In 2017 [VIDEO]

Nov 29, 2016 10:25 AM EST | Vinay Patel


Looks like a good news for car buffs! An all-new version of the BMW i3 electric car is set to hit the roads next year.

Sporting a redesigned cosmetic appearance, the BMW i3 is likely to come equipped with the proficiency to drive further between charges.

According to sources close to the matter, the German luxury automobile maker is gearing up to debut the BMW i3 electric car in 2017. The redesigned i3 warrants a perfect unification of practical and cosmetic augmentation, German Weekly, Welt (via Engadget) sources claim.

BMW is bent on revving up its electric car plans. The i3 will be powered by a robust battery that pushes the car's range well beyond its newly expanded 186-mile i.e. 300 km (with the range extending motor) cap, Reuters reported.

Although there is no word on exactly how much further one will be able to drive, the difference will be quite evident, the sources predict. That being said, it won't be as big a leap as the considerable 50 percent jump from its most recent upgrade. In other words, it may be just enough to cover an extra drive.

The sources further claim that the refresh will boast a brand new look for the front and rear, "or a new car".

Although there's no word on what this means, the current BMW design has been nothing short of polarizing --- at the very least. While it doesn't seem to shy away from showcasing itself as an EV, its boxy and busy cosmetic appearance is nothing like the glossy looks of conventional BMWs and the Tesla Model 3.

For BMW's i3, the automaker seems to have taken some prevailing critique into consideration and have come up with changes accordingly.

Nevertheless, pricing will be a key aspect that will determine sales. If the BMW i3 refresh plans to compete with the likes of Tesla Model 3, then the price will be considerably slashed --- despite radical enhancements. However, a redesign might still play a significant role in luring buyers who are repelled by the current styling.

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