Tesla vs Virginia Car Dealers News & Updates: Virginia Auto Dealers Prepares To Slam Tesla

Nov 29, 2016 04:57 AM EST | April Rhose Binos

The Tesla vs. Virginia Auto Dealers feud shows what happens when business meddles with personal interests. The feud began when Tesla wanted to directly contact and deal with consumers. The Virginia Auto Dealers see this as Tesla's desire to kill the franchise system in their state. Tesla's decision prompted the auto dealers from Virginia to launch a campaign against Tesla's plans.

Recently, Don Hall, the president of Virginia Auto Dealers Association, sent out a video message to his followers to fight Tesla. Hall has been in the business for 29 years. According to Fortune, he has been fighting for the rights of the Virginia Auto Dealers and their franchise system. In his video, he said that Tesla is attacking the franchise system. Tesla seemingly believes that the franchise system no longer works. Don Hall is persuading his social media followers to fight against Tesla's attack in shutting off the franchise system.

On the other hand, Tesla has been fighting for them to sell their own manufactured cars directly to consumers. However, Hall believes that if Tesla pursues this venture, it will kill the franchising system of the Virginia Auto Dealers. Even in the United States, direct selling of cars from manufacturers is illegal.

In Hall's video, he showed his undying determination to protect the franchise system in Virginia. He stands on his own ground believing that many of the franchise system in other places was attacked by Tesla which has drastically changed the system. CNBC reported that Hall is adamant on fighting Tesla by all means necessary to protect the auto franchise system in Virginia.

Hall called the attention of his followers to join him on a serious meeting and plan on how they will negate Tesla's plans. He is also encouraging everyone to ensure that the public knows the importance of the franchise system.

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