Is Tesla Model X 'Flawed'? Consumers Say Yes [VIDEO]

Nov 29, 2016 08:46 PM EST | Jess F.

Tesla really has to work it out with consumers. Tesla have yet to survive the issue about its autopilot feature and now, the allegedly flawed Tesla Model X.

Tesla is, no doubt, one of today's leading electric carmakers in the market. However, some consumers and car geeks say that the new Tesla Model X is flawed. How true is this?

A recent car review said that Tesla Model X is flawed. The new electric SUV received mostly criticisms when it comes to functionality, reliability, and ease of use. "The electric-powered Model X is more showy than practical," according to Consumer Reports.

Based on the review, some features of Tesla Model X is flawed in such a way that it doesn't seem to make using it any easier. For example, its massive rear doors are so bulky that it'll take too much time to open and close. The review also mentioned that even though users can opt for different configurations when it comes to sitting capacity, the second row of Tesla Model X doesn't fold --- compromising the utility. 

Its reliability was scored as below average and some even say that Model S still has the crown when it comes to noise cancellation and comfort. But despite the negative comments, there are pro points in getting the Tesla Model X.

For one, it doesn't use a single drop of fuel that makes it eco-friendly. Of course, there's the autonomous parking feature that some car geeks are raving about. Model X is also fast. The car model boasts top speed that can hit 60 mph in 4.9 seconds as well, according to New York Post.

But despite the review, there are still a ton of Tesla Model X and Tesla fanatics who are firm believers --- not just of the car, but also of clean energy living. Car enthusiasts and car geeks are also not concerned about the car not being too perfect. In this day and age, what matters is the car's safety features that won't endanger the lives of its drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.


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