2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Eco-friendly Plus Other New Features! [VIDEO]

Nov 28, 2016 10:04 PM EST | Rowland Eturma


The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive debuted in 2007 in 18 markets around the world and sold more than 8,800 units across Europe and America. Now the fourth generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is being driven all over America, starting in Miami, as a prelude to its release next year.

The 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive has a Renault-driven drivetrain that features an electric motor at the rear that powers the rear wheels towards 81 bhp and 118 lb/ft of torque. The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery capable of 17.6kWh consisting of cells packed in the middle of the car to better the center of gravity. From the previous gen that took five hours to charge, this one will recharge in two and a half hours. Later next year, a fast charger will be an option that cuts charging time to forty-five minutes, according to Top Gear.

While it's no pocket-racer, the Smart Fortwo ED goes from 0-60mph in 11.5 seconds. For most city-driven cars, it's common knowledge that you cannot  go beyond 62mph so its top speed of 80mph is more than enough to go around. The steering lacks any feel but it's light an easy and the turning radius is tight, but it's expected of a tiny car so parking it shouldn't be a problem.

Inside the Fortwo ED's interior, features include a fold-flat passenger seat and crosswind-assist for highway driving. It won't do any long trips as evidenced by the test drive which let it go around for 46 miles and the on-board battery indicator suggested a 40 percent battery power left. The range is estimated to be around 90 miles so it's perfect for short-range urban mobility, as reported by Car And Driver.

For Eco-friendly city dwellers, the fact that it does not burn gasoline is a big assurance that it woould not do the environment any harm. It's a city car that does what any gasoline-powered car can do. Factor in the $23,000 price tag and it's still cheaper than most gas guzzlers, plus its cute size will endear it to its owners.

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