Former Spice Girl Mel B Offers $5,000 Reward To Catch Thief Who Broke Into Her Car [VIDEO]

Nov 28, 2016 10:37 PM EST | Jess F.

Stop, right now! A former member of the popular 90s girl band, Spice Girls, is not letting a car thief get away with it. Mel B is offering a $5,000 reward to find the person who broke into her car.

The former Spice Girls member Melanie Brown, popularly known as Mel B, has offered a $5,000 reward to whoever can help her catch the car thief who broke into her car. The car was parked outside her posh Beverly Hills home when the incident occurred.

The theft was apparently caught on camera as the former Spice Girls member shared a CCTV footage, showing someone leaving her car with her belongings last Friday, Nov. 25. The singer also used her social media accounts to ask for help. She instructed users to contact her husband, Stephen Belafonte, for any leads.

Investigations are ongoing, as expected from crimes committed in the posh Beverly Hills neighborhood where celebrities like Mel B resides. "The police already have a good idea who you are, but in the meantime, anybody who wants to make that 5000 dollars, DM my hubby right now," Mel B said in an interview as reported by BBC.

The $5,000 reward was offered despite capable investigation by the authorities. Mel B believes that any lead will make the inquiry faster. The couple is willing to send the reward money to whoever can help them catch the car thief. "We will wire you the money for turning him in," Mel B said, according to People.

There are no reports yet as to what was stolen inside Mel B's car. Based on how badly she wanted the car thief to be arrested however, it looks like the singer had some pretty important stuff inside her car. It is also quite alarming that a car thief actually had the courage to commit a crime in the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills.

One thing is for sure, though: Mel B won't stop unless the culprit lands in jail.


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