Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Rosberg's Win and Hamilton's Controversy [VIDEO]

Nov 28, 2016 10:07 PM EST | Jess E.

The much-anticipated Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ended with a controversy, while F1 and racing enthusiasts worldwide gathered to watch the best of the best compete on the racetrack. Who reigned this year's Grand Prix

The recently concluded Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a 21-round Formula 1 (F1) race for the World Championship, took place at the Yas Marina Circuit --- ending with Nico Rosberg's win. Despite success and criticisms for Lewis Hamilton, it was a close fight between former champions vying for the win. During the race, cars even ran from day to night at up to 320 kph.

Nico Rosberg lead the rally as he won his first F1 Racing Grand Prix World Championship title. This is despite Lewis Hamilton's attempt to back up his team mate during the race. Hamilton was cited for blatantly disobeying Mercedes' orders to not do this during the race.

Lewis Hamilton was actually winning, but was reportedly slowing down to tease rivals into racing --- even if the management ordered him to speed up. Hamilton was quoted saying, "Let us race," according to a report by BBC; he was directly disobeying orders to not influence Nico Rosberg's finish. Thus, Rosberg finished second after a head-to-head race with pressure from Sebastian Vettel.

It was obvious that during the Formula 1 race, Hamilton can easily influence the turnout of the race from the front end. Speeding up will mean less time for tricks, but the Formula 1 driver continued to disregard management orders saying that he's in the lead. This made the racecar driver think that his advantage gives him the right to disobey.

Although Hamilton is in trouble with the management, fellow Formula 1 racecar driver during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Nico Rosberg is quite enthusiastic about his win. "It's a childhood dream come true," said Nico Rosberg, in the same interview with BBC.

Due to Hamilton's behavior, preventing Rosberg to get the finish he needed, Hamilton lost the glory of winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, according to Mirror. Nico Rosberg is still the F1 champion and is still celebrating, despite the controversy instigated by his teammate.

The F1 racing world is now criticizing Hamilton for his behavior. There are no reports yet if the management will punish the racecar driver after his misbehavior during the race. 


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