Microsoft CEO Confirms 'Ultimate Mobile Device': 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone

Nov 26, 2016 12:50 PM EST | Mark Yap

There were rumors floating around that a 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone is being made.

Considered as the "Ultimate Mobile Device", the existence of 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone was then confirmed by Microsoft CEO himself, Satya Nadella. The confirmation took place when he was being interviewed by the Australian Financial Review on Monday; he confirmed its existence and mentioned something along the lines of "delivering something different to the smartphone industry, and is looking forward to it."

According to an article posted on MacRumors, rumors include the Surface Phone's compatibility with a Surface Book or a Surface Studio. Other rumored specifications of the said smartphone include Windows 10 Mobile for its operating system and a keyboard support. The HP Elite x3, which is a hybrid between a smartphone and a mobile PC, also serves as a main giveaway with Microsoft's plans of getting involved in the mobile market again.

According to a report posted on Tech Times, CEO Nadella has mentioned that Microsoft intends to have a different approach in the smartphone competition, aiming for the creation of what could be considered as the "ultimate mobile device"; unlike other smartphone companies, who are mostly occupied with competition in the smartphone race.

The 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone is considered as Microsoft's comeback in the smartphone market. Microsoft already expressed its disappointment before with its involvement with Nokia Lumia, which shouldn't even be considered a Windows-phone. The failure of Nokia Lumia had also costed Microsoft in terms of income, where it was forced to lay off some employees.

While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had already confirmed the existence of the 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone, no actual details had been released yet concerning the actual specifications of this upcoming smartphone; it is expected to be released by the second quarter of next year.

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