Marvel Comics 'Black Panther' Casts Angela Bassett

Nov 22, 2016 04:14 AM EST | Jess F.


Marvel Comics is slowly giving life to the cast of its new fierce superhero flick, "Black Panther". The already impressive lineup of actors was even upgraded when Angela Bassett joined the team.

The legendary actress will play the role of Ramonda, the queen mother of T'Challa. Although Ramonda is only T'Challa's foster mother, after his real mother died of childbirth, her character is still vital to the movie.

The recent cameo of T'Challa in Captain America: Civil War paved the way for the movie's expected success. After the third Captain America movie, more enthusiasts and Marvel Universe fanatics are looking forward to seeing the Black Panther film.

Angela Bassett will give life to Ramonda in the movie, whose character is the wife of T'Chaka. However, Bassett's character and her life is no walk in the park. The actress' acting prowess will be tested as Ramonda will be abducted and tortured by some antagonistic character. Thankfully, her husband, the Black Panther himself, will come to the rescue. Eventually, Ramonda will be welcomed back in her home in Wakanda, where magic and spells abound make creatures like her husband stronger than the rest.

Movie experts say that for Marvel Comics to cast someone as big as Angela Bassett for the role means Ramonda's character will be emphasized on the film. However, the challenge is for Marvel to make it work at different times. Angela Bassett as Ramonda will appear in flashbacks since her character is already dead in the present setting.

The Marvel universe will also have to build up Angela Bassett as Ramonda since she is an equally fierce queen to Wakanda and could be construed as an even greater "force to be reckoned with" compared to Black Panther, according to

But one thing is for sure, though, that all movie critics will agree: Angela Bassett's regal stance and her acting prowess makes her fitting to become the "Mother of T'Challa" and "Queen of Wakanda" in Marvel's upcoming movie.


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