Tesla New Demo: A Groundbreaking Peak Into The Future Of Self-Driving Cars

Nov 21, 2016 06:20 AM EST | Matthew Cruz

Although the number of automakers diving into the world of self-driving cars continues to rise, Tesla proved on Saturday that it remains the industry trailblazer when its CEO Elon Musk tweeted a video demonstration of how an autonomous vehicle would actually work as it drives through regular roads. Shot from the car's point of view, it sheds light on the fascinating technology behind a seamless self-driving experience.

When watching the video, one gets the unique chance to see how the autonomous vehicle's built-in cameras, radars and sensors work together to avoid big obstacles like pedestrians and other vehicles, but also smaller ones like road lines, lights and signs. According to Engadget, it even picks up on the environment's "motion flow" for a better sense of direction.

The demo features Tesla's self-driving hardware in its most realized form, as opposed to the company's semi-autonomous vehicles currently on the market. Although Tesla placed someone in the driver's seat for legal reasons, one can see in the video posted by BGR that he does not touch the wheel or interfere even once during the drive.

Tesla posted two versions of the video: a sped-up, two-minute demo and a full length video of the journey clocking in at about nine minutes. The left-hand side features a view from the backseat, while the right-hand side of the video provides a real-time feed of the car's rightward- and leftward-cameras on its back and medium-range camera in front. 

Although the inside look at the technology behind a future of self-driving cars is enthralling on its own, it's made even more impressive by the fact that the car doesn't move through empty highways but takes many twists and sharp turns in the busy Los Altos, Silicon Valley road junctions. At the end of the demo, the car even reverse-parks itself, reported Digital Trends.

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