‘American Horror Story Season 7’ Hinted At Series Finale

Nov 21, 2016 07:11 AM EST | Mark Yap

There are already speculations of "American Horror Story Season 7" on the way. The long-running series had recently concluded when its 6th season has ended. While the hints are mostly fan theories and speculations, they are highly plausible and offers a glimpse of what its 7th season would most likely be.

The first hint for "American Horror Story Season 7" came from the episode "Spirit Chasers", which is the 10th episode for "Roanoke" and the last episode of season 6 for the show that currently serves as the season finale. During a scene in this episode, paranormal investigators have returned to the Roanoke house. But then, something appeared to crash down in a room. When the paranormal investigators went to check it out, they found out a crashed model of a wooden dilapidated ship.

Normally, no one would ever speculate that the above scenario is actually a possible clue, if it wasn't for the video that American Horror Story had posted in their official Twitter account. According to information gathered and posted at The Independent website, in the said official video clip, the scene shifts from Roanoke's straw dolls to a view of the ocean, followed by waves and accompanied by the words, "sweet dreams".

This is further cemented by the fact that when scenario above occurred, the shot of the camera lingered for quite a while on the crashed dilapidated ship model. This wouldn't have been necessary, unless it is actually implied to mean something.

Another possibly overlooked hint for "American Horror Story Season 7", as reported by the Daily Star, happens to be a teaser poster from season 6 that shows what appears to be a sea monster, which is reminiscent of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon".

The upcoming Season 7 would most likely be on a ship, if not a seaside setting or similar. There also has been word that "American Horror Story Season 7" would be tied in with another previous season from the show. 

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