'Arrow Season 4': Dolph Lundgren Debuts As Konstantin Kovar

Nov 19, 2016 06:25 AM EST | Leonora


"Arrow Season 4" welcomes its long-awaited villain introduced during an episode of this American television series. Dolph Lundgren, the star of "Rocky IV," portrays the role of Konstantin Kovar, a strongman of the Russian government who the hero, Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell, is set to kill.

"Arrow Season 4" is a story about Oliver Queen from Starling City who was shipwrecked on an island for five years together with his father who died. After his father's death, Oliver discovered a notebook containing the names of criminals in Starling City. When he returned, he organized the Arrow team whose mission was to eliminate these criminals.

Lundgren's role was that of a wealthy Russian operative, who Oliver wanted to kill while he was still on the island. In fact, he went to Russia to kill Kovar but he was captured.

Lundgren is not new to playing the role of a Russian. In "Rocky IV," he was Ivan Drago, a young army officer and boxer whose life was spent boxing. When asked about the similarities between Kovar and Drago, he readily responded that one outstanding similarity is that in both characters, he has to appear as a strong and intimidating villain, according to IGN.

However, the similarity stops there. Lundgren cited several differences between the two characters. "Drago was a young man and a fighter while Kovar is sophisticated, has lots of money, and is obviously working for the Russian government where he has good connections," he stated.

In "Arrow Season 4," Lundgren would like to think of Kovar as Ivan Drago 30 years after. Perhaps, while in Russia, he came into money and this is why he is now a rich Russian operative. While Lundgren said that he does not know yet the connection between Oliver and Kovar, one thing he is sure of is that Kovar needs Oliver and this is why he was not killed right away when he was captured.

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