'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 67 Spoilers, Preview [VIDEO]; Will Goku Summon The Omni King?

Nov 16, 2016 05:40 PM EST | Vinay Patel

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 marked the end of Zamasu's reign of remorseless brutality. After making certain that the future timeline is now out of harm's way, Son Goku returns to the present timeline along with his team where a brand new adventure awaits them.

Contrary to following the typical theme that center on Goku usually saving the day in "Dragon Ball Super," surprisingly, the much-lauded fusion form of Goku and Vegeta came to naught while trying to defeat the malignant heel. In fact, they end up utilizing the energy required to retain their fused form.

The fan favorite Saiyan warriors fused back out with Trunks arriving back with his sword. Everyone energy fuses into one colossal spirit bomb in order to bring the battle to a conclusive finale.

Nevertheless, the duel is not over yet. According to a post on GojiitaAF's Facebook timeline, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 titled, "With New Hope In Our Hearts!! Farewell, Trunks," will revolve around the unfinished fight.

Much to the dismay of "DBS" fans delighted about Zamasu's exit, the notorious antagonists' body starts covering the sky hinting a never before seen sort of destruction.

Apparently, Goku recalls something that he has been carrying in his pocket all this time. Since the preview for "Dragon Ball Super's" next episode teases an appearance from Zen-Oh, the omnipotent god of 12 universes, it would be interesting to see if Goku decides to hit the button given to him by Zen-Oh himself to call upon the Omni King to the battleground.

This summoning could conceivably give rise to the next purported arc that will encompass the omniverse tournament that Zen-Oh earlier noted he wanted to anchor. The said tournament will feature the assemblage of Z Fighters hailing from all universes, with Vegeta, Future Trunks and Goku crossing paths, according to Toei Animation (via Inquisitr).

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 67, which might mark the end of "Future Trunks Arc," will air on Sunday, Nov. 20, on Fuji TV at 9 a.m JST.

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