F1 News: Lewis Hamilton To Make An Album With Kanye West After Championship? [VIDEO]

Nov 15, 2016 05:00 AM EST | Johanna Vanessa Anasco

It seems Lewis Hamilton's hope are bleak towards being this year's champion. His engine failure in Malaysia has truly cost him a lot. "I'm in an awkward position going into the last race," said the Briton F1 racer. He continued, "... I've lost so much [ground] through the year." 

It was during the race's leg in Japan that Hamilton experienced an engine failure. His engine started to blow up with only fifteen laps left in the race. This has caused a huge disappointment in Hamilton, it has also delayed his supposed 50th victory.

Alleged Internal Sabotage In The Mercedes Team

A quick recap on the latest F1 News on Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton suspected a "sabotage" from within the Mercedes camp. He was quoted, "Somebody doesn't want me to win this year," according to The Guardian.

Hamilton's consistent engine failures have left the Mercedes team puzzled. Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes' motorsport disclosed, ".. we've talked among ourselves and said: 'How is this possible?' But there is no rational explanation or pattern in these failures. If there were, we would resolve it."

In Austin, Lewis Hamilton seems to still have trauma from his experience in Malaysia. After the race he said, "I am haunted by the sound I heard in Malaysia." Hopefully the Briton won't experience the same mishap in this upcoming race in Abu Dhabi.

Though his championship chances are bleak, Hamilton clearly hasn't given up. He said, "But I can't give up because I don't know what could happen. It's unlikely, but you never know," Sky Sports reported.

However, there are other interests that the Briton F1 racer is good if not great at. Music has been one of the racer's foremost interest. He plays the guitar, drums and piano. If the racer isn't on the race track he'll be found in a recording studio, according to NZ Herald.

Will Hamilton Pursue a Career In Music?

Lewis Hamilton has previously pursued collaborations with high profile music producers. One of his biggest fans is rapper, songwriter and record producer Kanye West.

The two have been seen partying and seemed to have fostered a tight friendship. "I went to see him [Kanye] at his house," Hamilton confessed.

West have advised Hamilton,"you need to do what you love and not give a f*** about what anyone thinks." How Lewis Hamilton will take these words of advice is up to the F1 racer. In the future we will not be surprise should he end up with an album.

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