2016 BMW i8 Police Car For Australia, Too Fast Too Furious For Criminals

Nov 11, 2016 05:00 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

The 2016 BMW i8 joins the ranks of the Australian police yesterday as BMW donated the first of i8 for the Patrol Office at Rose Bay, Sydney. Initially, it will only participate in community events and not on public roads. However future is bright that the fast and furious i8 will later head criminal cases and cater to emergency situations making use of its top speed.

2016 BMW i8 Aims To Connect Ties

The Australian police are arming and not just with traditional weapons than you imagine as they seem to be gathering a fleet of luxury vehicles. Recently, the Audi Sportsback RS7 and the Audi RS4 Avant has been a part of their squad and after the arrival of those models comes the 2016 BMW i8, according to Mashable.

With 4.68 meters long and only 1.29 in height, the BMW i8 will not go unnoticed when driven. Its wing door and carbon fiber interior provides comfort and its hybrid engine is truly powerful. BMW has been committed to its new range of hybrid vehicles with which wants to show maximum sustainability. The BMW i8, with configuration 2 + 2 seats, wants its driver to experience a revolutionary way of driving while remaining faithful to the same BMW driving feeling.

But apparently, these vehicles were acquired not to chase criminals or patrol the streets every day. Not just yet. As of now, they are part of a project, which was acquired to perform work for the benefit of the community, participating in events that aim to bring citizens closer to the police. Its main goal is to attract the young and not so young to lectures and events organized by the police force and the government.

"This will help the police and the community approach and narrow ties. A car that breaks down barriers, when a citizen approach a police officer they will be intrigued by the car and can talk to the policeman and see that they are good people," said Chief Superintendent Brad Hodded.

Other luxury vehicles that are part of the project are the Porsche 911, Lexus RC F, Volvo S60 Polestar and Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, according to Drive.

Worldwide Hybrid and Electric Police Cars

The arrival of the 2016 BMW i8 in Australia's police force is not surprising at all. Hybrid and electric cars are getting more and more popular and are now being use as a police car in different countries. The BMW i8 is already in use for patrol in Dubai. While in Los Angeles, BMW i3 are use in patrol and the i8 are used for special events.

The LAPD are also reportedly testing out their new Tesla Model S given by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and is planning to get more to strengthen their car lineup as the Model S is the third fastest production vehicle in the world, and may even be the first now after its upgrade this week.

The future is bright for our police force. Criminals beware.

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