Donald Trump Hillary Clinton: Survey Shows Clinton As Tesla Model S, Trump As Chevrolet Corvette

Nov 09, 2016 04:34 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe


The battle for the US presidency: Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump has been making noise around the world with their policies, campaign strategies and even personal life. And today - election day, even the automotive world wants to be a part of this event as a recent survey conducted by SwapaLease ask people, what car do the presidential candidates closely represents? Election and Cars seem to be a perfect blend. Check out the survey results here.

US largest car lease marketplace Swapalease relates the political leanings of respondents with their automotive preferences and a total os 2500 respondents answered the question which car best represents the US presidential candidates, according to WGNS Radio.

The results revealed that the Demoratic candidate Clinton is the the Tesla Model S, which represents a change of opinion with respect to previous years. Clinton as a Toyota Prius also have huge numbers telling that people view her as an convenient and useful electric car. This association of electric cars with the Democratic party is not surprising, given the major support Democrat President Barack Obama has to transport reform to adapt legislation to the arrival of autonomous vehicles.

As for the Republicans candidate Donald Trump, they opted for the Chevrolet Corvette and most of those who chose this model were men. It is worth noting that the Corvette is always associated with power and is now seen attempting to be the fastest car at the Nurburgring track the same way that Trump is now attempting to be the most powerful man in the country. Other popular models associated with Trump were the Honda Accord , the Ford F150 or the Chevrolet Volt, according to AJC.

Election and cars may be two different pods but Swapalease prove that they can blend as they further ask questions such as "What kind of a car do you think Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump prefers to drive" where the answer is not much different. The Mercedes-Benz GL Class is the top car for Clinton with the Cadillac Escalade at number 2. This is also the same two car results for Trump, but only vice versa in its place.

It only shows that the GL-Class and Escalade are both great cars that future US Presidents can choose to ride as both presents class as well as safety.

If this Election and Cars survey is any indicative of the results of today's US presidential election, it only shows that things will get pretty close so each vote will be very valuable. Make sure you'll go out and vote.

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