Toyota Supra News: Modified Supras Impressed

Nov 01, 2016 08:10 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

A few months ago, much news about the new and revived Toyota Supra had surfaced the net. Its design has been spied and videos even hint at electrification. But nowadays, news about it has been scarce. Luckily for Supra fans, two modified Supra are making news right now as they successfully impress. One is being sold by an 18 year old and the other will make your fireball shooting cars dream come true. Check out the Supra cars here.

Toyota Supra For Sale

The Toyota Supra is one of the best-known sports cars of the Toyota brand. It had appeared in films like "Fast and the Furious" and video games as well such as Need For Speed among others. And since the new Toyota Supra is still in development, one would need to look for a second hand Toyota Supra for sale, and one just recently caught press attention from Carscoops.

The car started as a Toyota Celica but the 18-year-old owner who lives in Denmark wants a Supra so bad that he started to modify it and successfully converted it to a Supra after three years. Aesthetic changes in both exterior and interior are made as well as a tweaked in the engine that allowed the car to achieve the same 300hp that an original Supra would have. Finish it with 19-inch wheels painted perfectly in black and you'll get a nice looking Supra on board.

In the same sale announcement, the vehicle was said to pass all the revisions and has a tune. It also said that the model has new brake calipers and tires in perfect condition. Among the changes highlighted in the same ad are installing a new exhaust pipe and visual elements such as front and rear bumpers.

Although the model already had a good number of its kilometers run at 258000, the price is considerably low at only $13000 and can be the perfect opportunity for those looking for Toyota Supra for sale.

Toyota Supra Fireball Shooting

Another modified Supra that had been in the news is a Supra showing off its power at an event at New Jersey’s Old Bridge Township Raceway. With the help of solid items such as the tires and an anti-lag system, a Supra is able to output popping fireballs that can even roast marshmallows. It's madness, according to Jalopnik.

Anti-lag systems exist to significantly reduce turbo lag and give a turbocharged car more power when you want it. The fuel and air in the exhaust to make such a system work tend to ignite in spectacular fashion out the back of the car, creating all those exhaust pops and fireballs we know and love from Group B rally cars.

Watch the fireball shooting Supra here:

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