Drag Race: Ford Focus RS vs Ford Mustang GT, Who Wind The Battle of Ford Fast Cars

Oct 29, 2016 05:10 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Currently Ford has two of the most interesting vehicles on the market when it comes to cars that cost less than $50,000, the Ford Mustang GT a muscle car equipped with so much power that it has been a part of the automotive industry and the Ford Focus RS a sporty compact high-performance all-wheel drive.

Though both made by Ford, two cars face opposing philosophies and now is pitted against each other by the guys at Top Gear to determine who will finish first in a drag race to the quarter mile. Who will win this race? Let the war of Ford's powerful cars begin!

The Contenders

This drag race between the Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang GT is actually a duel of two of the most powerful vehicles sold by Ford, according to RoadandTrack. On one hand, there's the Ford Focus wilder and faster to date, a vehicle of 1599 kg equipping an engine 2.3 EcoBoost and has a performance of 350 hp and 470 Nm of torque that are channeled by a system drive four wheels specific and managed through a manual gearbox exclusively.

On the other hand, the fastest version of the Ford Mustang, the GT is standing tall. This "muscle car" 1720 kg rides a huge propeller 5.0 naturally aspirated V8 that sends 421 hp and 530 Nm of torque exclusively to its two rear tires through a limited slip differential and a manual gearbox. However, it should be noted that that the Mustang GT, which faces the Focus RS, is not exactly the same you can buy in the market as it is the RHD version that really doesn't offer 421 hp mentioned above but only around 410hp.

The Verdict

Looking at the figures of power and weight, it is difficult to determine which one will be faster, the Focus RS or GT Mustang, according to Ford Authority.

On paper, the Ford Mustang GT does 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds, if equipped with a manual gearbox, which in the race didn't help but still not bad for a car that weighs 1720 kilos and is not exactly small. Meanwhile, the Ford Focus RS, despite having 71 hp less, does zero to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and the all-wheel drive and Launch Control helps a lot.

At the starting line, the Focus RS jumps out fast while the Mustang FT appears to have stalled as its rear propulsion is not as effective in pure acceleration. However, the muscle car can stretch more each gear change, it has more torque and 71 additional 70hp so the advantage of the Ford Focus RS is diluted gradually, and finally, the Ford Mustang GT catches up. Both make a time of 13.3 seconds in the quarter mile but the Ford Mustang goal is much faster. So the Mustang still won.

Watch the epic Ford race here:

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