F1 News, Hamilton: 'I'm Kinda Haunted By That Sound In Malaysia When You Lose Power'

Oct 26, 2016 08:30 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco

Lewis Hamilton scored another victory for the Mercedes team during F1's latest race in Austin last week. However, his teammate Nico Rosberg doesn't seem happy despite finishing second in the race.

It is no secret that despite being on the same team, that there is a stiff competition between Hamilton and Rosberg. Between the two, Rosberg has an advantage. He has a 26-point lead over teammate Hamilton. The former is confident that he will become the champion in the end.

Hamilton turned out to be paranoid during the entire race. He said, "[During] the whole race, I was petrified that the power's not gonna make it -- and the engine."

The winner of F1's  Austin leg continued, "I was just dreading that sound that -- I was kinda haunted by that sound that I heard in Malaysia when you lose power." He finished with, ".. that was weighing heavy on my heart through the whole race." Hamilton shared his sentiments during the racer's interviews right after the race.

Hamilton added

Unending rivalry

In more F1 News, Hamilton earlier disclosed, "All I could think about was the car making it to the end. Nothing else," last Sunday in Austin. Rosberg, on the other hand, had already set his eye on the upcoming race in Mexico, according to Crash.

A winning mindset

After the race, Hamilton was heard saying, "I'm kinda haunted by that sound in Malaysia when you lose power." It turned out despite the racer's fear, "All is well that ends well."

Rosberg said earlier, "If you start thinking in your mind that it's over, then you've already lost," as told to Bild newspaper. The Formula 1 driver added, "So I'm still going to every race to win."

Winning strategy

The Mercedes team, in the end, will be the winner, regardless, of who has snatched the top place for them. Toto Wolff, Mercedes team head, thinks that Rosberg should still be careful will still being aggressive in order to win.

It seems to be to secure the win for his team, Wolff hints it will be more viable for them if Rosberg is to win in Mexico.

Insights from an F1 veteran

Niki Lauda, an F1 legend shares, perhaps referring to Rosberg's competitive spirit even towards his teammate that, "Nico is thinking about the championship, no matter what he says."

Others have appeared to accept early defeat. Team Honda is very much in bad shape since last year and admits their team is indeed in bad shape and needs to get its act together asap.

In the end, the match is perhaps already secured by the Mercedes team. They don't seem to mind their boys' squabble, so long either between F1 News, Hamilton or Rosberg gets it.

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