Honda S660 Roadster: Why It Should Be Imported

Oct 24, 2016 06:40 AM EDT | Louise

Honda never seized to amaze the automotive industry, and another much-awaited car development is now in the works. The Honda S660 Roadster is a successor to the Honda Beat, a much smaller car but wider than the predecessor.

The main goal of the Japanese developers is to bring the car to the United States. They are making the USA the new target to add a unique flavor to the Honda line-up. With the new small, convertible and sporty look, which is a definite spice to the Honda platform, according to Top Speed.

The Performance

The vehicle layout is a mid-engine with a rear-wheel drive and a two- door sports convertible. According to Motor Trend, the engine built is 0.7-liter running on a 63 horsepower with a 77 lb-ft, turbocharged DOHC and 12 valve inline-3. It has a six-speed manual, continuously variable transmission, with a curb weight of 1.800 lb (estimated). The wheelbase is 9.0, 133.7 length, 58.1 width and 46.5 inches in height, running zero to 65 MPH in 10.5 sec (estimated). The Honda S660 Roadster is fuelled with gasoline (Petrol).


The Honda S660 Roaster will be available in six colors, Premium Mystic Night Pearl, Premium Star White Pearl, Admiral Gray Metallic, Premium Beach Blue Pearl, Flame Red and Carnival Yellow. It has a low body and wide wheels pushed to its corner, giving it a sporty look. Given the center exhaust pipes. The overall look is a convertible, with sporty accents and pointy headlights for a more defined look.


The Honda S660 Roadster has the smallest range in terms of the diameter of the steering wheel from its entire line-up. The flat bottom design is a slight touch of the NSX mix. It also has a two-door car with a two-passenger seating. The seats are covered in leather, while the whole front design is much closer to the dash, for a more unity to the driver and the steering wheel. The whole interior design look is all about the sporty aspect, just like the ones in the video games.

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