Small Diesel Pick Up Trucks Racing Is Happening, Details Revealed Here! [VIDEO]

Oct 21, 2016 10:08 AM EDT | Leian N.


Sports cars had long dominated the racing tracks but another franchise was announced to be joining the fun. Recent reports confirmed that small diesel pickup trucks would also be joining the NASCAR Truck Series in the U.S., Australia, and will even be joining the V8 Utes category.

As the Formula 1 Racing Championship awaits opening in late October, the said franchise recently announced that they would be welcoming another industry model into the racing tracks - small diesel pickup trucks.

Starting next year, the diesel trucks would make their way to Australia to run their engines on Australia's biggest racing circuits - much like the V8 vehicles that had been a fan favorite for years, according to Jalopnik.

Based upon a press release conducted by Matt Braid, the Supercars Managing Director, NASCAR will improve its production-based turbo diesel dual cab Utes for and open another category that would cater to small diesel pickup trucks.

The Specs

The trucks were said to have a roll cage, cosmetic aero additions, along with the Motec ECU as the possibly preferred control transmission and that of the rear axle assembly. The vehicles will also have a performance kit that caters to a front and rear shock absorbers and springs, will have an exhaust feature, six-piston front, and dour-piston rear brake calipers, along with front and rear discs, control wheels, pedal box and master cylinder with brake bias adjustment, and will be rear-wheel drive vehicles.

For The Love Of Diesel-Powered Trucks

In other news, it was revealed that the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon could be a participant in the upcoming event, according to Ranking Sand Reviews. However, they may not be included in the small diesel pickup trucks category.

NASCAR Truck Series finally welcomed the small diesel pickup trucks into the U.S. and Australia race tracks. Which vehicle will reign supreme? What are the best bets?

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