BMW Motorcycle Concept BMW Motorrad Next Vision 100 Is Out Of This World [VIDEO]

Oct 21, 2016 07:18 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

After presenting futuristic cars at the recently concluded Paris Motor Show, BMW has revealed its next advanced solution, this time to the BMW motorcycle world as they've unveiled the BMW Motorrad Next 100 last October 11 in Los Angeles.

Out Of This World BMW Motorcycle

BMW has been one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle worldwide and they want to continue this feat as they recently unveil an innovation in the world of motorcycling, the Vision Next 100. For starters, you can drive it without having to wear a helmet or protective clothing. Another important feature is that it will be a powerful motorcycle but with zero pollution. And of course, its unique style is truly futuristic as it looks like it came out of Batman's Cave, according to Inhabitat.

"The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 embodies the idea of how motorcycles should be in an interconnected world. An analog experience in a digital era Motorcycling is an escape from routine, makes you free. Your bike is a great escape." said Edgar Heinrich, director of design for BMW.

BMW Motorcycle R32 As A Basis

The triangular black frame of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 was base on the first BMW motorcycle, the R32 of 1923 and the engine of it is located in the center of the frame like the R32. But it reinterprets it as a sculpture functional linking the front and rear wheels with a dynamic impulse that gives it the appearance of an all unique and integrated.

The FlexFrame extends as a single integrated from the front wheel to the rear of the BMW VISION NEXT 100. Its flexibility allows turning maneuvers without the typical joints of current bikes piece. The rotation of the handle adjusts the full frame, modifying the vehicle direction.

Another important aspect of this new creation is that it has active support systems that enhance stability and security, giving a better balance on the bike while going up or simply stops. Thus, all trips aboard this marvel of technology will be rewarding thanks to all the advances that BMW made, according to Wired.

Accessories Needed

One of the most important exchanges of information between the driver and the vehicle is done through the viewfinder eyeglasses that comes with the motorcycle when you buy one. This shows relevant data in one of the four display areas, which are controlled by eye movements of the driver. The content to be displayed on this device is modified depending on whether the driver looks up or down, and looking at the information straight line disappears completely, letting them fully concentrate on driving the motorcycle. Note that the driver obtains information on the ideal trajectory, inclination or the points of greatest danger.

Finally, a suit is also a part of the experience. The light suit offers information, thanks to vibrating elements in the arms and legs showing when the tilt limit is reached. When you leave at high speeds, the area of the neck also inflates to give greater support to the neck and increase security.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is said to be soon available at BMW dealerships. Watch how its made here.

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