Tesla Model 3 Release Date News Pushed To 2018, Why Waiting Is Good

Oct 19, 2016 09:02 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco


Earlier this week, Sunday, Tesla's website has indicated that the Tesla Model 3 release date will, "begin late 2017."

However, Tesla Motors has since re-worded its announcement. It now indicates that come mid-2017 the production will start. Tesla has now validated that the mid-2018 Tesla Model 3 release date is only applicable to new or late reservations. The delivery for late 2017 is still possible.

When is the delivery for the Model 3?

Tesla Motors has said through Alexis Georgeson its representative that, "Today's website update does not reflect any change in our plans," according to CNBC. The Tesla Motor representative added, "We still plan to begin Model 3 production mid-2017, and we adjusted the delivery date on our marketing page."

The delays and setbacks have little or even no effect on early birds. Only less than 5% have canceled their reservations.

The Fremont-based EV maker has even laid out plans for its factory expansion. It is currently awaiting approval from the local government to proceed.

The Model 3 remains one of the concept EVs to have the highest range with a budget-friendly price, which starts at around $35,000. Hence, everyone is eager to get their hands on one.

Most early birds are existing Tesla owners. The repeat purchase is a testament that Tesla has delivered well during previous purchase.

Why is it actually good to wait?

We must take into account that this is Tesla's initial attempt on a mass-produced EV. In every new technology or update, there have been glitches. Case in point, when the first iPhones came out. The proceeding models came out from the improvement of the previous ones.

Tesla has definitely learned from its past mistakes from the Model Y and its "Falcon Wings." The Model 3 may or may not have a few glitches. There will definitely be areas for improvement.

There are other EVs available right now in the market. However, the anticipation for Tesla's Model 3 still remains. Right now, there is Nissan's Leaf, Renault's Zoe and Chevrolet's Bolt, as previously reported by Auto World News.

All these European EVs are out to get Tesla Motors. Tesla who made EVs fashionable and mainstream.

Tesla Motors is obviously trying its best to meet the growing demand for its early Tesla Model 3 release date. Everyone is on their toes. Tesla Motors simply must deliver and can't fail right now.

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