Tesla Model Y Crossover To Be Revealed On October 20

Oct 18, 2016 09:29 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Elon Musk has recently announced on his Twitter account that a new product will be revealed today but Tesla decided to delay it as a few days refinement is needed and therefore had been moved to Oct. 20. Though still unknown, massive evidence points that the Tesla Model Y is the one to be launched.

Tesla Model Y News And Rumors

Elon Musk didn't reveal that much on his Twitter announcement except to mention that such a release will be "unexpected by most." Tesla motors have a few reveal options on their sleeves and car aficionados are already speculating on some ideas, according to Autocar.

One possibility is a van with large space for orders, based on the Model X as Elon Musk once said that he like the classic Volkswagen Type II and he would do something similar to the Model X. It should be noted that Musk also wants Tesla to take part on urban mobility so therefore, an electric minibus might also be on schedule. The interest is not only to bring more people on board but have an autonomous urban transport vehicle and shared, two key points of the future of urban mobility.

Musk also likes the idea of seeing a Tesla format pickup truck in the world market. A few years ago, he tried an agreement with the government of Texas to release the direct sale of cars and in turn build a factory dedicated to the manufacture of an electric truck.

But the possibilities that the market speculates, the strongest and most consistent perhaps be called the Tesla Model Y. This is the unofficial name of the next 100 percent electric crossover Tesla, a smaller model than the Model X that will be based on the Model 3 but will be sold at a higher price, reported by ItechPost

We are talking about a not very large price difference, as the most optimistic forecasts say that the Model Y will cost from $ 45,000. Yes, its price will be higher, which would put him in the range of the Tesla Model X and Model S, if so, the specifications could be similar: a version of rear-wheel drive (total for others), Ludicrous mode and autonomous technology Autopilot standard.

Perfect Timing Or Not?

The release of the Tesla Model Y is expected to be a hit. However, the Tesla Model Y will not come alone but will have to face to face with other models like the Audi E-Tron Quattro , which will be a reality in 2018 , the same year in which we see the Mercedes ELC or even Jaguar could be preparing something similar.

On the other hand, the launch of the Model Y is a brilliant strategy by Tesla. While his rivals are struggling to develop a rival to the height of the Model S, the company already has a compact sedan and a full SUV, so the arrival of this compact crossover would be necessary to strengthen and consolidate the product range of the company. One way to keep several steps ahead of its main rivals.

Is the Tesla Model Y the new Tesla product to be revealed on the 20th? Will have to wait and see. It is also worth noting that Musk also said that he will make another huge announcement on the 28th but it is related to the SolarCity and Tesla partnership. Seems like Tesla is working double time and wants to even increase their 64 percent sales improvement this month in the US.

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