Watch 2018 Honda Civic Type R Impressive Nurburgring Performance Here

Oct 15, 2016 08:18 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R was caught testing at the famous Nurburgring track by the guys at Supercarsfromeu Youtube. This is the first time that we see the development model of the recently introduced Honda Civic Type R Prototype, which debuted earlier this month at the Paris Motor Show and is expected to go on sale late 2017 or early 2018.

Honda Civic Type R Spy Video

What would we be without the car paparazzi! Thanks to them, we can show you long before they are officially out in the market, interesting cars such as the Honda Civic Type R 2017 who have been hunted in Nurburgring this week. The model that has been spied testing is still under wraps and lots of camouflage so we are assuming that some changes will be done compared to what's already shown.

The Type R has been getting a lot of buzzes lately because of the prototype was shown at Paris and its awesome exterior styling but what the spy video shows that the Civic Type R is going to be one of those cars that look much better when in motion rather when standing still. The design is already outstanding but the 2018 Honda Civic Type R will even have something better and it is under its hood.

The video is surprisingly quiet, which is confusing considering how loud Honda styled the car’s exterior but the performance is pretty impressive. From the looks of it, the new Civic Type R would not disappoint, unlike previously reported here. Watch the impressive performance below.

Watch out For The Type R

What can we expect from the future Honda Civic Type R? If we look at the characteristics of the prototype shown in the video, we could be looking at a model capable of producing more than 320 hp courtesy of its 2.0 liter VTEC Turbo, power will be managed exclusively by the front and channeled wheels through a box manual gearbox six relations. The aesthetic aggressiveness would be its main advantage, but the car is capable of a beastly performance.

And watch out! Honda is working hard to perfect the 2018 Honda Civic Type R. They are working full capacity on its development and unlike the other generations of the Type R, the test has been early because it will be marketed in major international markets. Especial emphasize is given to the United States whose drivers until the arrival of this model have not had the opportunity to acquire a Honda Civic Type R in an official dealer.

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