Toyota Prius Recall: Hybrids Have Potentially Deadly Brake Defects

Oct 14, 2016 05:54 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Toyota Motor Corporation announced last Wednesday night the recall of around 340,000 Toyota Prius hybrid cars worldwide due to a faulty defect in the brake that reportedly resulted in injuries and deaths. Models that include the error were manufactured between August 2015 and October 2016.

Death Reports Prompt Prius Recall

Around 95,000 Toyota Prius in the USA, 212,000 in Japan, 17,999 in Europe and 20,000 in Australia and other regions will be recalled as soon as possible. This is because Toyota received multiple reports of accidents, injuries and even deaths because of the hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle.

According to reports received, there is a danger that the parking brake remains inoperative , which could cause the vehicle to continue moving once the driver comes out of it leaving on the transmission selector in any different from "parking" position (which in itself is already a huge recklessness). The defect obviously increases the risk of accident as you can start moving and probably crash.

Toyota spokesman Victor Vanov declined to provide further details but said that the alleged reports are true and many Toyota organizations are receiving them worldwide.

Effects To The Toyota Prius Prime

It should be noted that Toyota had just unveiled its newest generation and most improved Prius, the Toyota Prius Prime. The Prime impressed at the concluded Paris Motor Show with its exterior styling, elegant interior, and the said fuel efficiency that it offers. As early as now, people are already ordering and wanting the Prius Prime and the recent recall may affect the sales of it.

Toyota dealers instruct Prius owners to call them immediately if their Prius is showing signs of the faulty brakes. All Prius users will be notified by mail starting November and affected units will be taken care off, Ford will apply hooks to the protective rubber overalls parking brake cables at no cost in order to remedy the defect and get the Prius back to the owners as soon as possible.

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