Laferrari Owned By F1 Racer Fernando Alonso Being Sold

Oct 14, 2016 04:10 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

A mysterious Laferrari which may probably belong to legendary F1 Racer Fernando Alonso is up for sale at a German Dealer "Auto Salon Singen." No price is given for this LaFerrari, but reports say that it can go beyond $3.3 million dollars. And if it truly belongs to Alonso, a price may even increase and fans of the F1 racer will be interested in having it.

Is It Really Fernando Alonso?

Limited to 500 copies, the Laferrari has become one of the most exclusive car models sold out of the signing of Maranello. Therefore it is quite common to see some preowned units for sale without asking who might be its first owner. First owners for sure will be privileged people and that may be the case of the Laferrari in question right now.

The listing doesn’t directly state Fernando Alonso as the owner of the Laferrari, however, the car does offer some tantalizing clues that this particular unit may truly be Alonso's.

First, it was registered on January 20, 2014, when Alonso was still driving for the Ferrari F1 team. The fact that Ferrari usually gives a unit after a racer wins a title - Alonso was F1 World Champion twice - or help the development of the cars proves that Alonso got a free Laferrari back in those days.

Second, a plate located on the steering wheel just beside the plaque where the number of the limited series is specified bears Fernando Alonso's name. However, it is possible that anyone can write their name on a plate. A fan of Alonso would have been able to engrave the name of the F1 champion there. Also, there is now another unit with the famous nameplate of Fernando Alonso, although the second is red and is displayed at the Ferrari Museum.

Alonso's Or Not, It's Still A Laferrari

Fellow 'Motor Journalism' were the discoverers of this exclusive unit. It only has 2900 kilometers on its marker so whether it was Fernando Alonso or not, it is still a good buy.

This Laferrari with bodywork in a stylish black color and interior trim in dark tones also equipped with the well - known 6.2 - liter V12 engine of the brand . This engine horsepower credited 800 and 700 Nm of torque, being associated in turn with an electric motor that raises the final output power to 963 horses and torque to 900 Nm . Thanks to this remarkable mechanics, the LaFerrari accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 3 seconds.

Alongside this Ferrari that could have belonged to Alonso seven Mercedes SLR McLaren, five Porsche 918 and three McLaren P1 are also being sold by the German dealer.

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