Electric Cars Will Dominate Rich Cities By 2030

Oct 14, 2016 04:08 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Although still remain as a minority, for now, electric cars such as Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Toyota Prius Prime and more will increase in numbers and dominate in the near future. It will change the way citizens move in wealthy countries as according to a report by Bloomberg, four out of 10 cars will be autonomous by 2030.

Lower Cost of Technology

The main reason for the growing market of electric vehicles is the rapid falling of technology costs. The price of batteries had dropped 65 percent - $350 (£285) per kilowatt hour - compared to its price in 2010 which is $1,000 (£816) per KWh. And according to McKinsey & Co and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), it will even drop to 90 percent for the upcoming decade so the price may be in the range of only $100 (£86) per KWh.

And while its price drops, the battery capacity increases, and there are models that promise autonomies beyond 300 kilometers. Autonomy extenders are another solution to make a timely trip, not to mention plug -in hybrids, which have no long - range problems of autonomy and just buy fuel after the battery runs out.

Brighter Future

More and more evidence shows that electric vehicles can truly dominate in the future.

Renault-Nissan Alliance has demonstrated to its rivals that they can make money by manufacturing electric cars in bulk. Tesla also indicated a way forward in the industry with its high-end models as they have the best electric cars today.

Manufacturers also increasingly advertise no longer just an electric car model, but a whole range of them. We talk about heavyweights such as vans, trucks, motorcycles and more.

The main reason why consumers still shy away from electric cars is the difficulty to recharge and higher purchase price. Such problems are shrinking now as more and more charging stations are being built in the the US and other cities worldwide plus the prices of EVs had dropped, just tale Tesla Model 3 for example.

Governmont Supports

Over time, there will be big cities that will hinder their owner to use conventional vehicles as governments are trying to encourage their uptake through subsidies and tax breaks and introducing low-emissions zones. Electric vehicles do not contribute to local pollution or generate noise so they are more compatible with modern life.

Ten years ago when someone made a forecast that electric vehicles will be a main thing, one will be branded as a lunatic. Things have now changed and apparently EV's will soon soon dominate. We at Autoworldnews cant wait!

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