Jim Carrey Lawsuit: Actor Faces New Lawsuit Following Ex-Girlfriend’s Suicide

Oct 13, 2016 06:23 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

Following a much-publicized complaint about the suicide of Jim Carrey's lover, it seems like the actor won't be catching any breaks as another similar lawsuit has been submitted to the court.

The complaint now comes from Brigid Sweetman, the mother of Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White. Sweetman filed the case in the court last Tuesday wherein he pinpoints the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' actor as the main cause of her daughter's demise.

White committed suicide last September 2015. Police reports have revealed that her cause of death was related to an overdose in non-prescription and fatal medications which include Ambien and Percocet.

Sweetman believes that Carrey led her daughter to end her life. The LA Times reports the actor apparently infected White with at least three kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases over the course of their relationship. This devastated White and as a way to appease the situation, Carrey allegedly gave illegal drugs to White which resulted in the overdose.

On the day when authorities found out White's suicide, she was seen holding medicine bottles with the name 'Arthur King' written on them, according to Vulture.

Mark Burton, White's former husband, believes that Arthur King is a pen name used by Carrey in purchasing such drugs. Burton was the first one to file a lawsuit against the actor earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Carrey's camp has previously labeled Burton's accusations as a 'terrible shame' but now that a follow-up has been lodged, the actor believes that it's about time he retaliated.

Martin Singer, Carrey's lawyer, said that the allegations that Sweetman filed only puts her in the same league as Burton's whose main purpose is to make gains from a dead woman's case.

Carrey's camp also is doubtful of Sweetman's case due to the fact that White and her mother has a history of a rocky relationship between the two. According to them, Sweetman apparently sent a disturbing message to her daughter on her 30th birthday which may also have been a critical factor in the suicide.

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