Alfa Romeo Giulia vs BMW 3 Series : Battle Of The Mid-Segment Sedans

Oct 13, 2016 05:24 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

In this middle segment car comparison faceoff, the Alfa Romeo Giulia faces its main rival the BMW 3 Series. The battle between Italy and Germany is alive again. Both cars have been doing well in the market and are extremely fun to drive but which one is the best buy. Check out our review below.

The Exterior and Interior

If we stick to the body and appearance, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has hands down more presence than its BMW 3 Series rival. Even if the 3 Series received a facelift this year, the Giulia still will get more attention especially in its trademark nose and enrollment displaced to one side makes any aficionados heart beat faster.

Both cars external dimensions are almost the same, so they are very close in interior space. The two can accommodate four adults with some comfort and free space. Trunk space is sufficient as well for both. And as if Alfa Romeo and BMW had been agreed, both lack the folding rear seatback. If you want, 40:20:40 with a partition, you have to pay extra.

Like the Alfa brandishes his status in the design part, the BMW does in finishes: in the Italian crackles are heard more running, joints dashboard components are not sealed with the precision and homogeneity of the BMW 3 Series. The multimedia of the Alfa Romeo also needs improvement while the BMW have an awesome handling elements intuitive with the wheel iDrive control. Italian command is very reminiscent of the BMW but does not have such a smooth operation. Details (or lack thereof) as the zoom map browser can not be done directly from the wheel, but through submenus, make clear that the Italians still have room for improvement in the multimedia section.

The Performace

But let's see how they behave under way. The Giulia takes the 2.2-liter diesel 180 hp, 10 less than his opponent a 320d. That does not mean you do not have an excellent thrust. So much so that the Italian accelerates before his opponent to reach 150 km / H. From there, the BMW starts to get ahead. In our highways with speed limited to 120, the latter has no relevance. The two opponents spread the force through an automatic transmission ZF eight-speed. And in both cases, the transmission does its work precisely and only on the kickdown Alfa noticed a slight pull. Differences in measured consumption are also minimal: the Giulia 5.6 liters, 5.3 Series 3. In both cases, fairly tight.

The two agree on something else: they are authentic supercars. The Alfa Romeo Guilia inserts turn with joy and a reassuring neutrality. The smile on the face is inevitable. It spends some direct at first, becoming somewhat diffuse to complete the curve. But after a brief period, you get used to its touch and is extremely effective and fun.

At the limit, the Alfa Romeo Guilia tends to understeer, and its driving assistance is somewhat intrusive and can't be a disconnect. In this sense, Alfa should rely more on their possibilities and learn from BMW. The 3 Series address only those hesitant note in the middle, and rear can play with it in a controlled manner, helping to turn in rounds. The driving assistance is always awake but does not become invasive.

The BMW combines its outstanding dynamics with much comfort, and the optional adaptive chassis gives a very wide range between sporty driving and what we would call a walk test. Although very balanced, the BMW 3 Series lagged behind in some situations. Thus, short, repeated bumps are not filtered but in no event it becomes dramatic. And, in general terms, the behavior of Alfa Romeo is very accomplished and achieved a good compromise between dynamism and comfort, but with the chassis number does not reach the levels of excellence of its rival.

The Verdict

The BMW 320d wins this comparison. But the margin is not too wide. It won because of its finishes and interior management but the Alfa Rome Guilia is still as awesome as it is.

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