Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza: Upset Bharti Singh To Quit?

Oct 12, 2016 05:24 AM EDT | Sounak Mukhopadhyay


Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza, the season 2 of the popular comedy show on Colors, has hit controversy again. Bharti Singh is apparently upset with the new anchor Mona Singh.

Bharti as well as Krushna Abhishek does not have the huge screen space they had in the first season. Producers decided to bring in a new anchor for the show. Bharti and Krushna had to be satisfied with little gags.

The underlying conflict was visible since the first episode of the show. Bharti and Krushna were upset that Mona took their place as the lead face of the show. They tried to cover it up in jokes. But, many felt the discomfort was real.

Bharti is now upset with Mona Singh, as the new anchor apparently has more authority on the show. Earlier Bharti and Krushna had exclusive authority over the show. Bharti now feels it is unfair that she is left to play the second fiddle in Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza.

The tension is so real that Bharti laughs only at Krushna's jokes. She does not react much to the funny antics of new performers like Balraj Sayal, Sumeet Vyas and Nia Sharma.

According to SpotboyE, the popular stand-up comedian is troubling the creative team as well. Now speculations are on that Bharti may leave the show.

One more reason for such speculations is the possible entry of Siddharth Sagar to the show. Bharti had fight with Siddharth earlier. In one of the episodes of Comedy Nights Live, Siddharth slapped Bharti for real. He was only supposed to fake the slap.

Siddharth may join Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza soon. And, Bharti has apparently threatened the producers of the show that they have to choose either of the two.

Optimystix, the producer of the show, is a highly reputed company. It is unlikely that it will listen to Bharti's threat. If the makers decide to rope in Siddharth anyway, Bharti may quit the show. She is upset with her new role anyway.

Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza won't be the same without Bharti. Hopefully, she comes to a settlement with the channel and stays back.

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