Taher Shah Angel: Pakistani Singer Turns Into A Mermaid

Oct 11, 2016 05:53 AM EDT | Sounak Mukhopadhyay


If you have not watched the Taher Shah Angel video, you have missed one of the funniest things on the Internet. The Pakistani singer's music video was quite a sensation in the cyber world for all the wrong reasons.

While the diplomatic relation between India and Pakistan is more stressful than ever, Indians have started trolling the Pakistani singer who is already known for his funny antics.

The latest rumor is Taher Shah is going to be a mermaid in his next music video, due on Christmas. People keep trash talking about him. But, Taher Shah does not care. He keeps singing and making music videos, even if some prefer going deaf rather than listening to him.

Some Indians trolled Pakistan, claiming that Taher Shah's next album is its revenge for Indian's surgical strike. Some Twitter users started saying that the singer is Pakistan's best cultural export to the world.

Jokes were all around social media about the Taher Shah Angel video. Now his possible new album called Mermaid is the reason for many jokes as well.

In one of the jokes, a guy tells his girlfriend that she has sensual eyes. He says she is looking like a mermaid. What it actually means is that the girl is looking like Taher Shah.

Born on August 18 in Sindh, Taher Shah apparently has three world records. His debut song was called Eye to Eye. A businessman by profession, the Pakistani singer became well known for Angel.

The ideology behind the Angel was a message that the mankind should behave like angels and spread the angel-like love. "All humans' internal and external elements should be like an "Angel" and spread their essence like a flower as an "Angel"," his official website says.

If the singer really comes up with a mermaid video, don't get surprised. The Taher Shah Angel video is evidence that he is capable of the impossible.

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