Germany Bans Combustion Engine Vehicles By 2030, EV Vehicles Going In Style?

Oct 11, 2016 05:45 AM EDT | Leian N.

Mayday, mayday! Diesel cars may be eliminated in Germany anytime soon. A recent report suggested that Germany will ban combustion engine vehicles by the year 2030. As was manifested during the Paris Summit, the automobile industry was urged to comply with limiting gas emissions by the year 2025. It seems that Germany is making an effort to make that possible.

German magazine Bundesrat recently announced that a resolution has been passed compelling the country's citizens to purchase electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2030.

Germany Bans Combustion Engine Vehicles?

As reported by Engadget, the resolution was not legally binding still. However, the said publication was asking the European Commission to push through with banning new internal combustion engine cars by 2030.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the German council was hoping that the European Commission would likewise review its taxation policies and its effects on the society to stimulate emission-free mobility. Although the agenda to the said proposed review was unclear, speculations pointed that it may surround the topics revolving the elimination of tax breaks for diesel cars in EU states or could be the absolute ban of combustion engine vehicles in the state as well.

In other news, Forbes reported EU automakers are worried about the said resolution as the practice of taxation and dues connected to the stimulation of emission-free mobility could mean lesser sales for each company.

The Decline In Diesel Car Sales

Despite the threat to the automobile market, it was revealed that since the Volkswagen emission cheating scandal arose, the sale of combustion engine vehicles had been unmoved. However, since August this year, there had been a significant drop in the registration of diesel-powered cars.n

According to AID Newsletter, the auto executives of major automobile companies had revealed the significant drop in diesel car demand not just in EU but all around the world.

With the possible absolute ban of combustion engine vehicles in Germany by 2030, will EV cars be the next big hit in the region? Will the ban prosper now that sale of diesel cars had been going on a downward spiral since August?

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