First Look BMW R NINET Scrambler, Pace And Racer, All Official Details Here

Oct 10, 2016 05:48 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

BMW have sharpened its famous BMW R NINET Scrambler to give rise to an awesome off road version. The German company also presents two new versions of the BMW R NINET, the Pure, and the Racer both willing to steal your heart thanks to the excellent mix of classic design and modern components. Check out the video of its first look here.

BMW R NINET Scrambler

BMW have sharpened the BMW R NINET to give rise to the offroad version, the scrambler, ready to bring a new level classical essence of this bike on the roads. Handlebars are high, the possibility of having gravel tires, a new exhaust system and more. It has a block boxer of 2 - cylinder 1.170cc that air - cooled and oil plays a power of 110 hp , with a pair of 116 Nm and the ability to kill off the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, with a consumption average of 5.3 l / 100 km.

The BMW R NINET Scrambler has a starting price of 13,700 euros which puts this version 2,100 euros below the BMW R regular NINET. As for the Accessory sheet, you can upgrade to two versions of a hand-brushed aluminum tank ($850/$950); a chrome exhaust (also by Akropovic, $150); and auto stability control ($400). The Scrambler ships to the dealer with black alloy mags, but cross spokes can be had for $500.

If you like the BMW R NINET but want a more adventurous touch on your design this is your bike. Watch the scrambler here.

BMW R NINET Scrambler Pure and Racer

BMW also presented two additional versions which are Pure and Racer both can win performance thanks to the excellent mix of classic design and modern components.

The BMW R NINET Pure proposes a more sober version of R NINET, reducing everything to the absolutely essential of pure motorcycle power. For the occasion the black and gray christened "Catalano Grey" take over the bulk of the bike, losing on the road inverted fork of the Original R NINET while receiving a new silent but powerful performance.

The BMW R NINET Racer meanwhile offers a spectacular stamped with a design that highlights the adoption of a body panel classic design. The R nineT Racer evokes the style of sports motorcycles popular in the early 1970s. Crouched, compact and lithe, its old-school bona fides include a half fairing, hump seat, stubby handlebars and rear set footpegs, yet it remains a modern motorcycle at its core.

Like other R nineT models, they are powered by BMW’s air/oil-cooled, 1,170cc boxer twin that makes a claimed 110 horsepower, has a 6-speed transmission and is Euro4 compliant. Watch the Pure and Racer here.

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